About Malitz Construction, Inc.

jmalitz     For John Malitz, construction has been his life. He started in the trenches, somewhat literally. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather all worked as plumbers so, even as a young child, John would come home and help. "My father would hand me a pick and a shovel and say, "Son, I need a ditch from here to here." In John's family, there wasn't talk of college; there were lessons of hard work, long days, and never being afraid of getting your hands dirty. This instilled a tremendous work ethic in John, which still guides his career today. He put himself through college,graduating from Trinity University with a degree in construction, married Claudia, his high school sweetheart, and went on to start pne of the most respected contracting companies in the region. Now, their son Ryan, a graduate of Texas A&M, is following in his father's footsteps, after working for a developer in Houston, he joined Malitz Construction in 2009 as project manager. John continues to do what he has for years, arrive early, stay late and work hard.

    When John Malitz first graduated from Trinity, he went to work with one of San Antonio's "old school" contractors. His first employer focused primarily on hard bid, government work and John learned the ins and outs of keeping a project budget. When his boss retired, he moved to another contracting company, but this employer focused on primarily negotiated work. Here, with his boss acting as a mentor, John was able to delve into more diversified projects. In 1985, he was ready to make his move and opened the doors of Malitz Construction, Inc. When John first began to contract for himself, he kept things simple. He decided he needed a secretary, a copy machine, and a 12-hour workday. He made a commitment not to hire a project manager for the first few years in order to keep a close eye on every single project. From the beginning, he has adopted the philosophy that no job is too big or too small. Whether it is a client who needs a single door replaced, or the construction of an entire new office building, John approaches every job with an eye on the big picture. "You never know who you are dealing with. Any project may lead to another one. In fact, that is the way our business has grown - through referrals from our clients."

    Malitz Construction, Inc. has tackled many avenues of commercial construction over the years, but a large portion of their work is negotiated. The company has built medical centers, car dealerships, office buildings, churches, and large-scale renovations. They have not ventured into the public sector or big box retail markets and don't really seek out those types of projects.

    Many of the projects Malitz undertakes use a modified design/build method of construction. The planning starts with initial budgetary figures and a general ideal of the scope of the project. Once the plans are 50-60 % complete, Malitz Construction's team can give the owner a closer picture of where the final project will come in. The design team continues to work on the plans until all figures are in line with the owner's budget. This usually calls for what John refers to as value engineering. They bring in some of the finest subcontractors, to use their expertise early on. By drawing on their expertise early on. By drawing on their knowledge, they can help the client reduce the price without denigrating the value of the project. John holds fast to the belief that good quality is essential but you have to deliver it at a reasonable price as well.

    "I accomplish very little by myself," Malitz says. "The key to our success is a well qualified, customer-oriented team including project managers/estimators, field personnel, office staff as well as our subcontractors." Several employees have worked with the firm since its inception. Malitz Construction has built relationships with its subcontractors over the years that are second to none. There is a high level of trust and confidence from both parties that has sustained some of these relationships since John went into business 20 years ago. When he was fresh out of college, he spent years coming through the ranks and gaining hands-on experience. "They would really give it to me about being a 'college boy' early on in my career. But working in the field I learned more about how to put a building together than I ever could have in a classroom," John remembers. He goes on to share that many of the newer people in construction don't have the hands-on experience of an older generation, but are more about business that construction.  John's goal is still to spend about half of his time in the office and half in the field to make sure he is knowledgeable about every project. For John Malitz and Malitz Construction, the future could hold any number of things. "It just depends on when the phone rings," he laughs. This avid outdoorsman loves to be involved in everything, but holds true to the philosophy that bigger is not always better. "We have enjoyed a steady pattern of growth over the years and we hope that it will continue. We try to work as hard as we can to take care of our customers. By treating them right, the rest will take care of itself," John explains.